The Benefits of Metal for Railings and Banisters

The Benefits of Metal for Railings and Banisters

Whether you're looking to replace railings or banisters inside or outside your property, metal is an ideal choice. This can make the stairs or balcony a real feature of your property, which will add value and provide a strong and long-lasting structure. If you want to employ a metal fabrication company, what benefits can using metal offer and what elements should you consider?

Why Opt for Metal?

In many properties up and down the country, stair railings and banisters are generally constructed from timber. This creates a practical and pleasing look which is extremely cost-effective. However, timber is not as durable or strong as metal, so it won't be as effective in the long term. Timber can suffer from rot if it's not maintained correctly, and painted banisters can become chipped fairly easily, which detracts from the look. Metal banisters and railings don't have these issues and are easy to maintain.

When wooden banisters face heavy usage, they can become loose, which puts them at risk of breaking. This is particularly problematic in homes with children, who could easily damage the banisters, and then there is the danger of them injuring themselves. Using a metal fabrication company to design iron or steel banisters will provide you with a stronger and longer-lasting solution that is suitable for a family home.

Exterior staircases and balconies are becoming more popular and add another element to the outside of your property. As these areas are open to the elements, it's even more important that you choose the most appropriate material for the situation. Metal structures offer a better solution in these circumstances, and they will require less maintenance than those manufactured from timber. The iron or steel is not prone to rotting and can be protected from rust. This will keep the banisters or stairs in better condition for longer and reduce the need for repainting, repairs and replacements. They also create a safer environment, which is vital if the staircase is wet or slippery.

Choosing Metal Railings or Banisters

There is a wide range of design possibilities when it comes to replacing your banister or railings with metal ones. For instance, you could opt for traditional-style spindles if you have a period property, or for a contemporary home you would probably need a simpler modern design. A metal fabrication specialist can work with you to create a bespoke solution. This will ensure that the banister fits perfectly on to your existing structure, or you can choose to replace the entire staircase.

Replacing your old banisters or railings with new metal ones will completely transform the look of your staircase. By employing a professional company to carry out the work, you will have peace of mind that it will be done to a high standard and with safety in mind. Incorrectly fitted railings and banisters can be a safety hazard, especially around young children or the elderly, so it's vital that you make a good investm