The benefits of installing a walkway or cat ladder on your premises

The benefits of installing a walkway or cat ladder on your premises

At Bradfabs, we manufacture and install a variety of walkway and cat ladders on commercial premises and residential properties each year. However, our clients are often unaware of the benefits or why they might need to install one in the first place. 

In a commercial setting, our system of walkways and cat ladders enable employees and contractors to carry out work safely. They are an essential tool in preventing serious injury - falling from heights is still one of the most common injuries in the workplace - and provide staff with an access or escape route to restricted areas on your site. Within a residential setting, our range of manufactured walkways allow tenants to move freely around the building and maintenance teams to carry out necessary repairs.   

Roof access and maintenance 

Accessing your roof and carrying out any sort of maintenance is no easy task. When you consider that the roof’s surface may not be sturdy and is potentially the problem at hand, climbing onto the roof can become even more hazardous. Our walkways are fabricated with aluminium steps, treads and mild steel tube handrails to give you complete control when accessing and assessing your roof’s condition. We offer you the most appropriate and safest solution - whether you have an arched, gable or flat roof - because all of our walkways are made to your specific requirements. 

Restricted access areas 

Restricted access areas are tight and awkward to enter and exit from. Rather than using a conventional ladder that could buckle under pressure, our cat ladders offer a much more secure alternative. Compact in size and made from mild steel, all come fitted with a safety cage and take up minimal room, helping you maximise space in your workplace.   

Residential properties

Appearance is everything, particularly when it comes to attracting prospective tenants and homeowners to part with their hard earned money in the property market. The walkways we supply to residential projects are built with toughened glass balustrading panels and timber decking that is fabricated in mild steel, which will give your building a stylish finish that doesn’t compromise on safety. This, combined with the quick to descend and easy to access fire escapes we fit, means residents and maintenance teams can move around the building freely and with peace of mind. 

Commercial premises 

As an employer, it is your duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employees. If you have heavy machinery operating on site, the risk to your employees grows significantly. By installing one of our walkways with an access ladder and safety balustrade, you’re mitigating this risk and giving yourself a vantage point to overview work practices and check that safety standards are being adhered to. A raised roof or elevated indoor walkway will give you access to restricted areas, enable you to carry out maintenance repairs and inspect larger pieces of equipment more effectively. 

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, contact us at Bradfabs to see how one of our walkways or cat ladders could enhance your site. Call us on 01274 400 401 or email to find out more.