The Benefits of Electric Gates for Your Business

The Benefits of Electric Gates for Your Business

Electric gates can provide excellent security benefits for companies and help to secure the area both during opening hours and when the site is closed. As well as helping to protect the perimeter, they are also a more convenient option for entering and exiting a site.

Added Security

When you’re considering security measures for your business, it’s important to look at all access points and see what is suitable for different areas. The perimeter of a building is one of the first points where an intruder would be able to gain access to a site. Therefore it’s important that this area is particularly well secured. Electric commercial gates provide an additional level of security. Once they are installed, they are more likely to put off an opportunist thief than manual gates would.

Electric gates enable you to control who enters the site and make the area more secure out of hours. They can be used alongside an audio or video intercom system which is managed from a central location. Using electric gates reduces the need for manned security, limiting the risk of human error and decreasing costs.


Manual gates can be an effective security measure, but only if people remember to close them when they enter or leave a site. Often they are simply left open, as people don’t want to waste time closing them, so they might as well not be there. If you choose to have large and heavy metal gates, these can be harder to open and close by hand. Electric commercial gates can be used with an intercom system or a key pad, so that drivers can open the gates without leaving their vehicle. They can then be set to close automatically behind them.

Strength and Durability

Electric gates can be manufactured from a range of materials. When you’re choosing them your premises, it’s important to consider the location of the gates and the amount of use they will have. Steel gates are extremely strong and long-lasting and so make the perfect choice for commercial uses. They can cope with extremes of weather, including heavy rain and strong winds. They also don’t rust and rot or require large amounts of maintenance. Wooden electric gates can look attractive when they’re first installed, but they do need more upkeep, including painting and waterproofing.

Integrated Security

Businesses need a variety of security measures in place to ensure the area is adequately protected. Electric commercial gates are just one element to consider. They can be combined with other things, such as a CCTV and alarm system, window and door locks or a manned security team. It’s crucial that you protect the perimeter of the site correctly, as this will help to maintain the security level across the area. As one of the first access points, it provides a perfect opportunity to limit who enters the site.

Installing electric gates on a commercial site is a cost-effective security measure. They enable staff and visitors to easily access the facility but are a good means of preventing unauthorised entry.