The Benefits of an Exterior Spiral Staircase

The Benefits of an Exterior Spiral Staircase

At this time of year it can be hard to focus on enjoying the weather outside. It is the ideal time, though, to start looking at your exterior space. This can include installing an external spiral staircase, which can bring about a number of benefits to your property.

A Space Saver

If you want to install an outside staircase, there might not be sufficient space in your garden for a standard straight set. However, spiral steel staircases can be fitted into compact areas and enable you to maximise the available space. It will also give a more unusual look to your property than traditional straight stairs.

Location Flexibility

This space-saving benefit can also help you when choosing the right location for your exterior stairs. It might be that there's only really one practical option for the positioning of your stairs, and the flexibility of the design means that spiral stairs can fit in the required area when another design might be too cumbersome.

Multiple Uses

Spiral stairs don't just look beautiful - they also have a practical element. An exterior staircase reaching from the upper floor to your garden can provide an additional means of escape in an emergency.

Adds Value

Whether you're looking to move home in the near future or thinking of a more long-term investment, exterior steel staircases can increase the value of your property. Buyers will appreciate the practicality and versatility they provide, as well as the fact that they're visually appealing. It will help your property stand out, which is important if you want viewers to remember yours in amongst all the other homes they see.

Range of Styles

Metal stairs can be manufactured in a vast array of styles, sizes and colours. This allows you to customise the design so that it complements your property and adds to the character. You can combine the basic metal structure with timber or glass across the handrail and accessories to create a bespoke finish.

With a range of benefits, an exterior spiral staircase can be a good investment to make in your property. It is not always the cheapest option, but it's still a worthwhile choice. It's important to choose the right supplier who can provide you with a professional service. This will ensure the stairs are designed with the required space in mind and offer a safe and durable solution.