Technology Makes Transforming Your Home Easier

Technology Makes Transforming Your Home Easier

When it comes to developing your home, the process of turning your dream into a reality can be time-consuming. Whether your project is a small redecoration job or requires the help of Yorkshire fabricators to install a new staircase, technology and mobile apps are there to make everything easier. There is a range of products available that can make designing your home far easier. These will give you more time to spend creating your ideal space.

A Redundant Tape Measure

Before you start any job, you need to measure the available space and see how your furniture and appliances will fit in. This typically involves a fight with the tape measure and scribbled plans that you end up losing. However, there is now a new free app, MagicPlan, which can do all this for you. It accurately measures your room and creates floor plans simply from photos. All you need to do is scan the area and the app puts together a plan. You can even include windows, doors and appliances. Once you’ve mastered all the elements of the app, it should be accurate to around six inches.

Visualising Your Ideas

If you still want to create your own drawings, then you can now do so without the need for lots of bits of paper. There is the Paper app, which has five different tools for developers and homeowners. You can start with a blank page and then create and store numerous sketchbooks for your ideas and diagrams. This is a good way of putting down your thoughts before speaking to building contractors or Yorkshire fabricators. It’s much easier to discuss your requirements if there are some images to bring your ideas to life.

Designing the Space

Once you’re ready to create a colour scheme for your home, there are a number of different apps that can help. Dulux’s colour concept app allows you to co-ordinate different colours and create schemes for individual rooms. It also enables you to order samples direct from your device.

With the Houzz app you can browse through thousands of images of properties from across the globe. This provides you with countless different options for your property, and you can create an ideas book of the best ones. Then you can come back to it at a later date and include the features you want in your property.

There is also the highly addictive Pinterest, which is like an online version of an old-fashioned scrapbook. You can set up different boards and then pin ideas to them to reference later. Many websites have ‘Pin It’ options to use, and you can also browse through other people’s boards on the app and see what your friends are pinning.

We’ve all been left with too much or not enough wallpaper at the end of a project, and this can be extremely frustrating and costly. The Wallcoverings app is a simple way of calculating the amount of wall space and estimating the number of rolls required.