Targeting Your Garden at the Right Tenants

Targeting Your Garden at the Right Tenants

If you're planning to rent out your property, you might not realise how important the garden and outdoor space can be. Long-term tenants, especially those with families, will often spend a long time deciding on the perfect rental property and want to ensure that it meets their needs.

With the summer months getting closer, it's important that landlords consider how their garden can enhance the value of their property and what changes they need to make to secure the right tenant. The best way to be successful at this is to decide on the profile of the tenant you want to attract and then create a garden that will appeal directly to them.

A Better Garden Enhances the Property

Landlords often spend the majority of their time working on the inside d├ęcor of a property, but the outside space can be just as important in securing a tenant. Not all tenants will be looking to take on an extensive garden, and some might be put off by the level of upkeep and maintenance that will be required. However, others will relish the prospect of having more outdoor space and the opportunity to add some colour to the garden to give it a personal touch.

The most successful landlords are those that spend the time thinking about the type of tenant that is desirable and how their outdoor space can be attractive and low-maintenance for them. If the garden is well maintained and tidy, it can create an extra room for the tenants, giving children somewhere to play or providing an area for entertaining.

What's Important in a Garden?

To decide on what will be important to a tenant, you need to look at the garden through their eyes and see what changes you should be considering. For instance, a family might want a grassed space as well as an area for children to play, whereas couples could be tempted by a balcony manufactured from UK steel fabrication, where they can relax in the evening or entertain friends.

Here are some top tips that can help add value to your rental property and make it more appealing to prospective tenants.

If the tenants have young children, they will want a safe outdoor space that is fairly large but doesn't take a large amount of effort to care for. A grassed area would be useful as well as soft surfaces, such as tree bark, for play equipment. Any fencing, gates or other items produced from timber or UK steel fabrication need to be secure and structurally stable.

If you have a compact garden, you can create some low-maintenance features to appeal to busy tenants who also want to have some outdoor space. This could include a patio or decking area or a small rockery that contains durable and easy to look after plants. Or you could cover an area with coloured stone, gravel or slate to create an attractive feature that doesn't require a lot of effort.