Take Measures to Protect Your Commercial Property

Take Measures to Protect Your Commercial Property

We all want to ensure that our property is protected from damage, whether this is deliberate or accidental. There is a range of ways that a commercial property can be affected, such as through floods, storms, criminal damage, accidents involving vehicles and fire. By planning correctly and taking the right measures, you can make sure that any damage is kept to a minimum and the effect on your business is limited.

The smooth operation of businesses relies heavily on the ability to use their normal facilities. If this is damaged in any way, it could interrupt the running of the company. Not only could the use of the building be affected, but the business could also lose valuable data that is often irreplaceable.

Have Plans in Place

No business can ever protect against everything, but having the right plans in place can minimise the disruption and enable the business to recover more quickly. Carry out an assessment of the building and surrounding area to see what elements you need to work on so that you‘re adequately protected. This could include fitting smoke detectors, installing new high-security gates or positioning a lamppost guard to prevent damage from falling posts.

Companies should consider what issues could affect them and in what ways. This will allow you to put together a plan of action if anything did occur. For example, include details of who to contact, insurance information and what areas of the business should be prioritised.

Fire Damage

Fires within commercial premises can often start through nobody’s fault, but they can quickly spread within a building. Sometimes businesses are unable to recover from these events due to the widespread damage and lose of equipment and files. There are ways you can protect your premises and reduce the impact of any fires. This can include fitting smoke detectors, alarm systems, sprinklers and fire doors.

Flood Damage

Unless your property is in an at-risk area, the issues of flooding are often not considered until it’s too late. Over the past few years, there have been more cases of flooding that has been caused by surface water rather than bursting river banks. This can cause significant damage with little warning and impact severely on business operations. In order to be prepared, it is a good idea to have a stock of mobile barriers, gates or sand bags which can be quickly accessed in the event of a flood risk.

Criminal Damage

Damage caused by criminals is probably one of the biggest areas of concern for companies. Look at how you can protect your building further with CCTV or alarm systems, and ensure that doors, windows and gates can be secured correctly. The use of a lamppost guard around nearby lamp posts can prevent damage to these from vehicles, whether unintentional or during a break-in.

Rather than waiting for problems and damage to happen, companies would be in a better position if they had the right plans and measures in place beforehand.