Steel Canopies Can Bring Great Benefits for Your School

Steel Canopies Can Bring Great Benefits for Your School

Steel Canopies Can Bring Great Benefits for Your School

Outdoor space within a school is often at a premium. It's important that you make as much use of it as possible. However, with the great British weather this isn't always practical. It's usually either too hot or too wet to guarantee time outside for either leisure or learning. Installing a steel canopy within your grounds could bring benefits for your pupils, teachers and parents.

How Can a Canopy Benefit You?

One of the key requirements of Ofsted is that schools have an area set aside for outdoor learning which can be accessed across the year. This requires a covered area that will protect children from both the sun and the rain. It's an important feature across the years, but is a crucial part of development within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

A canopy provides teachers with the ability to move students around and engage with them in different environments. An outdoor area also gives the opportunity for classes to be split up and have small group sessions, allowing children more interaction with the teaching staff. It's important that children aren't just stuck in their classrooms for the whole day.

Canopies aren't just beneficial for structured lessons. We all know that children should spend as much time outside as possible. However, they're often forced to spend playtimes inside because of inclement weather. A canopy installation could revolutionise their lives, providing them with an all-weather area where they can enjoy playing come rain or shine.

Why Choose a Steel Canopy?

There is a range of materials that can be used to construct canopies, but by choosing to purchase from steel fabricators you'll receive piece of mind about both the quality and safety of the product. A steel canopy provides a permanent structure that's built to last. It will withstand the elements and there's no risk of injuries from the canopy blowing off, which is crucial within a school environment. The roof of the canopy can be manufactured from either toughened laminated safety glass, which is much safer if it breaks, or composite polycarbonate. This is much lighter than safety glass and is a popular alternative for school constructions.

School funds can be particularly tight and so it's vital that you get the best available product for your money. A canopy that comes from steel fabricators is built to fit the available space. There are no restrictions, as there would be with a pre-built kit package. This will be designed to fit the exact space that you require, so you won't have to compromise. Whether you're looking for a small or a large canopy and whatever budget you have available, there'll be a solution that will work.

Given the durability of a steel canopy, this is a structure that's designed to last for years to come. It won't just be an investment for the children that are currently at the school, but it'll be a long-term commitment to the successful education of many more in the future.