Six Ways to Extend Your Property

Six Ways to Extend Your Property

Property owners who want to gain more space in their properties will often choose to extend their home, but this isn't always a simple decision, and there is a range of different options available. This could involve minor alterations, such as fitting a Juliette balcony with glass balcony balustrades, or a more major extension, like creating a mezzanine floor.

Here are six creative ways that you can extend your property that cover a variety of spaces and budgets.

Add a Front Porch

Often rear extensions are the most popular choice, but if you want to create a little bit more space to the front and give your home a feature entrance, then adding a front porch could be the answer. This is a great way to give yourself some extra storage space, reduce heat loss and enhance security.

Full-Length Windows

If you'd like to give an upstairs room a more spacious feeling, then why not fit full-length windows in your bedroom that open out so you can admire the view? You could use a Juliette balcony with glass balcony balustrades to create an unobstructed view and bring more light into the room.

Create a Mezzanine Floor

In some period or converted properties the ceiling heights are extremely high, which gives you the option of using this to add in an extra mezzanine level. This is still a major structural job, but it will work out cheaper than if you were to build a traditional extension with the same floor space. The majority of homes won't have the available height to achieve this, but if it is possible you might not require planning permission, as it's considered an internal change.

Build Your Own Garden

In city properties, outside space can be scarce, and a large number don't have any sort of garden. A way around this problem is to have a roof garden extension, though this isn't a simple project and planning permission can be hard to secure. This feature would certainly make your property stand out, and the use of glass balcony balustrades would give you fantastic views and make the space light and airy.

Opt for a Side Extension

When most homeowners think about building an extension, they often automatically consider one on the rear, but this can substantially reduce your garden's dimensions. However, on properties with a side return, extending into this space would make a much better use of it - you could create a separate dining area or open up into the kitchen to form a free-flowing space.

Go for Two Storeys

If you have the budget available, it can be more economical to have a two-storey extension built, as opposed to just the one and then finding you want to extend further in a few years. Planning permission for this can be harder to obtain than for a single storey, but a good architect will be able to create the plans carefully so that a planning application is more likely to succeed.