Six Ways to Change the Look of Your Stairs

Six Ways to Change the Look of Your Stairs

Whether it's in your home or a business, a staircase can completely transform the environment. When they become old and tired-looking, you need to rejuvenate your stairs and give them a fresher appearance. There are many different styles that you can choose, and it's your opportunity to be as adventurous as you want.

Make a Statement with Concrete Stairs

Often concrete staircases can look plain and very industrial, but it doesn't take much creativity to instantly brighten them up. A simple way is to add a touch of colour to the treads. You could even alternate the colours to create a bold finish.

The Monochrome Look

Metal staircases are the perfect style for achieving a classic monochrome design. The dark metal will contrast beautifully with white stairs to give a dramatic finish.

A Touch of the Outdoors

If you have solid wood stairs in your property, then keeping these as simple as possible will highlight the true beauty. Even timber staircases that are starting to look worn can be brought back to life. Any paint should be stripped off, and then you can sand down the wood and use a specialist varnish to finish off the renovation.

A Mirror Image

Adding mirrors to a staircase is a quick and easy way to change the look. For instance, you can fit mirrored mosaics to the risers, which would bring an element of glamour to the space. The mirrors would also give a beautiful feel, with the light bouncing off to illuminate the room.

Get Creative with Rugs

Even if you just want to change the carpet on your staircase, it doesn't have to be boring. By trying different materials and styles, you can achieve a unique look that still gives you the warmth you desire. For instance, why not try using a number of different rugs up the steps to give it a colourful finish? Alternatively, you could just use a rug or carpet on the centre of the stairs so that some of the bare wood is still exposed.

Go Modern with Glass

Glass panels can easily be incorporated into an existing staircase to create a more modern appearance. You can choose plain glass or go for smoked, etched or coloured panels to provide a decorative appearance. This can help to brighten up a dark space, and the panels can be custom-made to fit precis