Six Tips to Make Over Your Porch or Hallway

Six Tips to Make Over Your Porch or Hallway

Re-doing a hallway or porch is probably not on the top of most homeowners' to-do lists, but this small space can be extremely valuable, so it's a good idea to make the most of it.


Have More Light

If your hallway suffers from a lack of natural light, there are ways in which you can add some brightness and lift the colours. A traditional stained glass design on the door will filter light through, and for a modern effect you can add a stainless steel rail to your staircase.


Choose White

The decor of halls and porches is often left to the end, and then you have the problem of trying to match the colours with the rest of the house. However, one easy way to solve this issue is to paint the space white, which will also give it a fresh, light and welcoming feel.


Be Bold

If you don't want to settle on white, you can try being a bit bolder with your colours to make a statement with the entrance area. For instance, a rich shade, such as a heritage green, will give you a warm feeling when you arrive home and is an ideal choice for that transition from outdoors to in.


Make It a Practical Space

When you have a family, porches and hallways need to have a practical aspect and places to store coats, bags and shoes without it looking cluttered. When you're planning the space, make sure that you have areas to keep everything and put down entrance mats to keep the rest of the house clean. Even if you only have a small entrance, there will be space to position a hook or shelf.


Create a Seating Area

Putting a small bench or stool in the entrance will add a nice feature and give you somewhere to take your shoes on and off. If space is an issue, you could use a seat with built-in storage to keep the area clutter-free.


A Stylish Internal Door

In properties that have an enclosed porch with both external and internal doors, you can set the style of the whole house by installing a new internal entrance door. Period homes could benefit from one with more character, whereas contemporary properties could make use of more modern designs, such as a frosted glass door that complements the stainless steel rail on the staircase.