Seven Tips for Creating a Dormer Loft Extension

Seven Tips for Creating a Dormer Loft Extension

Dormer extensions can be the ideal way to add more space in a property and give it a different character. They can help to inject more light into the room, and if you choose the design correctly, they can be attractive both from the inside and the outside.

Open Up the Roof Space

A loft extension is a fantastic option if you want to create more headroom and light within a sloping-roof loft area. This can bring more usable space into play, which enables you to use the area as an additional room, such as for a study, bathroom or bedroom.

Choice of Styles and Sizes

A roof dormer extension can be designed in a variety of shapes, so you can choose a style that suits your property and requirements. A dormer is essentially an extension that comes out of the roof to increase the space, and it will generally feature a window, with the option to include French doors on to a balcony with iron balcony railings.

Create a Larger Room

The main benefit of a dormer extension is the extra space you achieve, which allows you to make more use of the room - for example, being able to add an en-suite on to a bedroom conversion.

Keep It in Proportion

A dormer will always look best when it's designed with the rest of the property in mind. Otherwise you could end up with a good-sized space on the inside but not an attractive-looking extension from the outside. However, if you opt for a sensitive design, you can get the best of both worlds and have a positive effect on the property.

Add More Outside Space

You're not just limited to adding space inside with a dormer conversion. Depending on the dimensions and style of the extension, it could be possible to install large open windows and create a balcony or roof terrace with decorative iron balcony railings.

Choose the Position of the Stairs Carefully

It's amazing how much additional space you can achieve in a dormer conversion if you select the position of the loft stairs correctly. Therefore, it's important that this is a critical element of the initial design process to enable you to gain easy access to the room without compromising on the space you have within the extension. However, you also need to take into account the appropriate building regulations, which have a minimum headroom stipulation for staircases.

A dormer Without a Loft Extension

Sometimes there isn't the necessary height for you to be able to achieve a full loft extension, but that doesn't mean you can't add a dormer on to the property. By opening up the space within the loft and adding in extra windows, you can create more height on the lower floor and draw in additional natural light. This will add a real wow factor to the property, giving you a dramatic feature inside along with an attractive-looking characteristic on the exterior.