Self-Building Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Self-Building Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Many of us have dreams of building our own home one day, but we can feel that it’s simply not affordable. This doesn’t have to be the case, as you can build your own home for much less than you’d think. There are many practical and beautiful homes that have been created for less than £100,000.

If you’re looking to build a home on a tight budget, it’s important that you focus on the key elements. You need to do your research carefully and plan every little detail. This doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on the wow factor — sticking to a budget isn’t the same as being boring.

Find Some Land

The first element of any self-build project is to find the right piece of land. Make sure that you look at exactly what’s available and consider where you’d like to live and why. Think about which part of the location is the most important, such as transport links, peace and quiet or being close to schools and amenities. All these factors can affect the price, and there’s no point in paying for something that’s not truly vital.

Get Professional Help

You might imagine that hiring an architect or designer will simple add an extra cost to the project. There will be a cost attached, but the support and advice they can provide will be worth it. They will understand the planning process and have the ability to negotiate with tradespeople. They’ll also know exactly what’s achievable on your budget and the best areas to save money on.

Stick to Your Plans

One of the keys to staying within your budget is to have an idea of what you want and not veer away from it. Once you start building, there’s a temptation to keep adding little extras. These are not always worth the additional costs and don’t necessarily add any value to the property. It’s best to keep it simple rather than going over the top. For example, if you’re building a balcony, a stainless steel rail will look stylish, but is also a practical low-maintenance option. The homes you see on the television are often at the extreme end of self-building. It’s helpful to take some ideas from these, but it’s not always achievable to recreate the whole look.

Understand Your Limits

Trying to build the house yourself might seem the cheaper option, but it doesn’t always work out like this. Carrying out some of the work, from installing a stainless steel rail to fitting the bathroom, can appear to be a way of saving money until something goes wrong. This mistake could often have been avoided if a professional was doing the work. It will then end up costing you even more to hire someone to put everything right.

Finishing a self-build project can be extremely satisfying. It gives you the opportunity to create something completely personal and unique. However, if you do your research, this doesn’t have to end up breaking the bank.