See More Clearly with Glass

See More Clearly with Glass

If you?re planning a new balcony, then one of your main considerations will be which type of balustrade to have. Depending on the style of the balcony and your property, you might want to think about glass. This is often the perfect choice and provides a fantastic finishing touch to your balcony.

An Amazing View

Generally, one of the reasons for having a balcony is to take advantage of a great view. This can often become obstructed if you have a stainless steel balustrade, as the balcony will be more enclosed. Glass balconies provide a clear view from any part of the balcony and give the area a feeling of openness. They can be used on large or small balconies and help more compact spaces to feel bigger.


When you?re planning a balcony, you want a design that is unique to your property and that fits in with the existing style. This is why glass is such a good option, as it offers plenty of versatility. It?s available in a number of different styles and textures and works equally well on contemporary and period properties.

Safety First

If you?re considering a balcony for a family home, then safety will be one of your key considerations. They can make an excellent additional space for family dining and are easy for children to access. There are safety issues to think about, but glass balconies are safer than you might imagine. The glass balustrades are constructed from toughened laminated safety glass, which is stronger than traditional glass. If it was to break, it would shatter into small cubes rather than sharp sections. A glass balcony also makes it easier for children to see out, meaning they will be less tempted to climb in order to get a better view.

Low Maintenance

One of the joys of having a balcony is getting to relax outside during the warmer weather. You don?t want to have to be spending all your time cleaning and maintaining the balcony. Glass balustrades are exceptionally durable and quick and easy to keep looking good. You can combine the glass with stainless steel or aluminium posts, which are not susceptible to rust or rot.

A balcony is a significant investment, and you want to be able to make the most of it. Utilising glass means that your view won?t be hidden and you can enjoy spending more time outside.