Preparing Your Exterior Space for the Spring

Preparing Your Exterior Space for the Spring

Hopefully, now we have some more pleasant conditions on the way, there’ll be plenty of time to get out in the garden or use your balcony. For many homeowners, the winter has meant a break from any outside work, and some of the space might be looking a bit tired. If this is the case, then now’s the time to get outside and make sure everything’s looking clean and tidy before the warmer weather really sets in.

Give Your Garden a Spring Clean

There are still only a few plants flowering, but that makes it the perfect opportunity to start planning the space and tidying up. Firstly, clear away any dead plants and give your flower beds a good weed. This will ensure there’s plenty of space for new buds to grow. This is also the right time to be pruning any trees and shrubs to allow new growth during the spring.

Clear the lawn of any leaves and other debris. If it’s already starting to get a bit long, then give it the first cut of the year. You also need to pay attention to the wildlife in your garden. Clean out any bird feeders or boxes to make them more inviting.

Once the space is a bit tidier, it’s easier to start thinking about the new flowers you want to plant this year. Dig over the sections and add in some compost so that they’re ready when it’s time to start planting.

Tidy Patios and Balconies

As well as ensuring that your flower beds look beautiful in the sunshine, you also want somewhere to be able to enjoy the surroundings from. You should take this opportunity to tidy up any seating or dining areas you have outside. If you’ve left the furniture out over the winter, then it will definitely need a good clean. Before the chairs and tables are required, you should treat any wooden items to keep them protected from the elements.

Sweep the patio, decking or balcony floor to clear it of any rubbish, leaves and branches, and then give it a good wash. Some types of surfaces will require treating to ensure they remain waterproof and in good condition. If you have a balcony, then the balcony railings will need wiping, and those manufactured from metal might require a coat of paint to maintain them.

Once you’ve got everything in the garden sorted out, you’ll have more time and space to enjoy the spring sunshine.