Preparing Your Balcony for the Winter

Preparing Your Balcony for the Winter

As the colder weather approaches, balconies are used less. Even if you have a patio heater and wrap up warm, you’re unlikely to use it as much as in the summer months. It’s important not to just shut it off for the winter and forgot about doing any maintenance until the spring. There is some work that you could be doing now which will protect your balcony from the harsh weather conditions and make sure it’s ready to use again next year.

Have a Tidy-up

Before you start any preventative measures, you need to ensure that the decking area is clean and tidy. Give the flooring a good sweep and a clean first to remove any dirt and debris. Over the autumn, keep the area clear of leaves. These can make the surface extremely slippery when wet, and accumulations of leaves can cause mould and rot to develop.

Most balconies will contain certain pieces of furniture. If possible, it’s best to clean these and then store them away for the winter. This will keep them in better condition and prevent them damaging the decking. However, if you don’t have any space to do so, make sure that you move the furniture around frequently to stop sections of the flooring becoming discoloured.

Weatherproof the Decking

Timber decks are often used for balconies, as they’re extremely practical and will keep their look if properly maintained. Weatherproofing the decking in autumn will stop frost from penetrating into the structure and leading to cracks or damp patches. There is a range of products on the market that can be easily applied and provide a waterproof layer in around half an hour.

Maintaining the Metalwork

As well as timber, metal fabrication is used frequently to create balconies. This can be as part of the overall structure as well as in the construction of staircases or within a balustrade design. If metal is not correctly treated and maintained, it can become corroded and the quality and strength of the material will begin to decay. Before the weather gets too cold, you should sand off any sections that are peeling and then apply a waterproof treatment to the metal. Once this has dried, the sections can be repainted with an appropriate paint.

By spending some time looking after your balcony, you will help it to last longer and save time once the warmer weather returns.