Planning Your New Year DIY projects

Planning Your New Year DIY projects

The Christmas and New Year holidays might be a time for many people to over-indulge and rest. However, for others they also make the perfect time to get some of those jobs done around the house that have been building up. With a few extra days off work, you can make yourself useful and ensure that your property looks good for the start of the New Year. Winter doesn’t have to be a time to hide yourself away, and there are plenty of projects you can be getting on with.

Maintaining Exterior Stairs

A set of exterior stairs can look great at the rear of a property, and they often lead up to a balcony or upper doorway. During the colder weather you need to ensure that they are properly maintained to keep them looking in good condition for longer. A metal staircase is a convenient choice, and if it’s effectively maintained, it will last for many years. Metal staircases can be painted in a colour or effect of your choice, but this won’t last forever. If the paint is starting to peel, remove the existing layer, apply a protective treatment and then repaint with an appropriate product. For properties with wooden staircases, these also need to be treated occasionally to ensure they remain weatherproof.

Give Your House Some Colour

Winter can be a cold and dreary time, but giving some of the rooms in your property a fresh coat of paint can instantly brighten them up. This doesn’t have to be an expensive project, and you can easily choose a shade that complements the existing furniture and other decor. However, it doesn’t take long to complete and is an easy way of changing the look and feel of a room.

Make Your Property More Energy-Efficient

Utility bills are one of the largest expenses for most households, especially at this time of year. By spending money on certain home improvements, you could make your property more energy-efficient and help to reduce your energy bills. Ensuring your home is effectively insulated is one measure, especially in the loft and in cavity walls. You can also save money by fitting a cost-effective programmable thermostat to your heating system. This enables you to turn the heating on and off remotely, so it’s not on unnecessarily.

Plan the Next Big Project

The Christmas break is also a useful time to start planning more major improvements. There are many ways you can improve the existing layout or create more space in your home, but it’s important to choose the right option for your requirements. This could involve building an extension, fitting a new metal staircase or installing a balcony on the property. If you have an idea of what you’d like to achieve, the holidays can be a good period to contact suppliers and get them to come and quote for the work. This way, you’ll be able to start the New Year with some plans in your head and an idea of what they will cost.