Planning for the Safe and Effective Use of Car Parks

Planning for the Safe and Effective Use of Car Parks

Offices and other commercial buildings often have car parking facilities attached for the use of employees and visitors. These are often accessed at times of the day when people have other things on their mind, such as first thing in the morning or after a long day at work. There are ways you can prevent accidents occurring in car parks, such as the use of additional lighting or lamp post protectors.

When employees come into work in the morning, pop out to the shops at lunch time or go home in the evening, they’re not always paying attention to other vehicles or objects around them. This is a prime time for accidents to happen. These are not only inconvenient — they could also cause unnecessary damage or injuries. With better planning around the layout and facilities within your car park, you can help to prevent these accidents happening in the first place or lessen the impact.


Security lighting is an important aspect of any car park, whether outside or under cover. Adequate lighting can help drivers coming in or out of the facility, especially when the days are shorter and the natural light becomes restricted. When drivers can see more clearly, they are less likely to bump into objects or other vehicles.

This also provides security benefits for the car park users. Thieves are less likely to break into vehicles and steal them or their contents if they are parked in a well-lit area. They prefer dark sections, where they are unlikely to be noticed. Staff will feel far safer getting in and out of their cars if they can see exactly what’s around them.

Lamp Post Protectors

It’s important that car parks are correctly lit, but the actual lamp posts can bring about their own problems. Whatever the time of day, if a driver isn’t paying full attention when reversing in or out of a parking space, they could easily hit one of the lamp posts. Not only would this cause damage to the vehicle, but if the impact was strong enough it could weaken the post, potentially causing it to fall over. Lamp post protectors ensure that they can easily be seen and prevent drivers parking too close to them. If they were to accidentally hit one of them, they would cause less damage.

Camera Systems

In addition to lighting, installing a CCTV system can bring security benefits for the car park. The cameras can be used to check the facility is being used correctly and by the right people. A monitored system would prevent non-employees or visitors from using the site for other reasons. It also makes the car park more secure and is another means of preventing thefts from taking place. If any crimes were committed, the video could be used as evidence.

By taking time to consider how your car park is used, you can put in place measures to secure the area and reduce the risk of accidents occurring.