Parents Worried About Lack of Space

Parents Worried About Lack of Space

Within growing families, space in a house often becomes an important consideration. The number of bedrooms and the flexibility of the living space can have an impact on how much space children have. A new survey highlights the difficulties that parents are facing when it comes to accommodating children and that for many moving to a bigger house is not a realistic option. Using your space more wisely and having a simple canopy for door or porches could provide you with more useable space.

The Issue of Space

Whatever the age of a child, they need a certain amount of space in a home. As they grow, they tend to need more of their own space. However, given the size of UK homes, this isn’t always achievable. A new survey for Post Office Mortgages found that over 50% of parents want more space for their children. In one-fifth of homes, children have to share a bedroom with siblings; this is simply an issue of space in 10% of cases.

It’s not a position that parents are happy about, and almost 60% of people would prefer larger rooms for their children. Two-thirds of them want to be able to move up the property ladder and afford a larger house. However, it takes the average family four years to achieve this, and one-third of households don’t think that they’ll ever be in a position to move to a bigger property. In order to accommodate children and their belongings, nearly a third of parents said they took a smaller room and gave the larger one to their children.

Creating More Space

If you’re in a similar situation, with growing children and a lack of space but not in the position to move, then there are ways you can improve your current home. This doesn’t have to be costly, as you could simply work around the space you already have available.

If you have younger children, then space for toys can be a problem. Creating a playroom can make an area for storage as well as a room for children to play. The dining room is often the most under-used area in a house and would provide enough space for a playroom. You could move the dining table into the kitchen or one side of the living room if space permits.

Entrance halls are another part of the house that are not always used to their full potential. This can be used to create a computer room or games area for older children. If you’re worried about having somewhere for people to wait when they come to the door, you could install a canopy for door or entrances. This will protect visitors and make the front of your property more attractive.

By working around the room that you already have in your home, you could create areas that are used more and give you the space your growing family requires. It doesn’t always need to be a costly improvement to make your home feel bigger.