Outdoor Spring-Cleaning Tips

Outdoor Spring-Cleaning Tips

If you've had enough of the winter weather and you want to start preparing for the sunshine, now is a good time to begin working on your garden and outside space. The exterior of your property, such as your decking area, balcony and outdoor spiral staircase, could all benefit from some cleaning and maintenance. That way everything will be looking its best once the warmer weather arrives and you can start to get outside more.

Spring-Clean Your Property

When most people think of spring-cleaning, it's confined to the inside of their property. However, the outside can benefit from a good clean too, which will give it an instant boost. For example, cleaning the window frames and panes will bring more light into the rooms and allow you to enjoy your garden even when you're wrapped up inside.

Most of us have garages and sheds that are full of old equipment and toys or broken items, preventing us from making the most of the space. You can use this time to have a thorough clear-out, throw away anything that's broken and donate or sell any items that you no longer need, which will create more space.

Looking After Your Balcony and Decking

Balconies and decking areas enhance your outdoor space and provide you with an additional room for dining, entertaining or relaxing. However, they can become a bit neglected and tired-looking over the winter months, so you should spend some time giving the space a good clean and tidy.

Wooden flooring should be checked for any patches of damp or rot and any necessary repairs carried out. The flooring can then be cleaned and re-stained to preserve the look. Concrete flooring will also benefit from a sweep and clean to remove any stains.

If you have an outdoor spiral staircase leading up to your balcony, this will also require some maintenance to keep it looking beautiful and safe. Steel stairs need to be inspected for rust, and the flaked paint can be scraped off before repainting to brighten it up. It's important that the stairs are safe, especially if you have young children. Check that the handrails and balustrades remain secure and that there are no sharp edges that could cause an injury.

Brighten Up the Garden

Gardens can easily become overgrown in the winter, but a quick tidy-up can get it looking beautiful again. Pick up any weeds and prune bushes or shrubs that have become untidy. Rake over the grass to remove any leaves and dead patches.

By taking some time to care for the outside of your property, you'll have a garden and exterior space that you can be rightly proud of and can enjoy much more. This will be a far nicer area to spend time in during the summer, when you want to be enjoying the weather rather than having to carry out essential jobs. If you look after outside structures such as balconies and staircases, they will last longer and require fewer repairs.