Outdoor Living Is the Latest Trend

Outdoor Living Is the Latest Trend

The outside space of our properties is no longer somewhere that we want to spend hours pruning and weeding, and most homeowners would prefer to put away their tools and simply relax in their gardens or entertain friends and family. A recent survey found that outdoor living is currently a strong trend and that modern consumers want to get more out of their outdoor space.

The 2016 UK Houzz Landscaping Trends Survey has some very interesting facts that show how homeowners are using their garden space, whether they have just a small wrought iron Juliet balcony or acres of land.

Lawns Not as Popular

Lawned areas are no longer as popular with property owners as they once were, with 22% reducing the size of their grassed space and 12% getting rid of it altogether. Instead of grass, people are choosing low-maintenance flower beds (54%), as well as landscaped areas (48%) or exterior structures (43%).

Low Maintenance Is Important

Whatever the size of their garden, homeowners want to enjoy the space more and are looking for low-maintenance solutions that are quick and easy to manage. The results of the research found that as a nation we're less inclined to buy plants and shrubs and more likely to spend money on stylish furniture and equipment for the garden, such as outdoor furniture (58%), BBQs (40%) and even pizza ovens (8%).

A Budget for Everything

The size of the budget homeowners have for garden improvements depends on the scale of the project, with 93% spending under £2,500 for a minor project, whereas 39% have spent or are planning to spend over this amount on a more substantial plan to transform their garden.

Getting the Right Advice

A large number of people who were surveyed were willing to tackle large projects in their gardens, including structural work, such as installing a wrought iron Juliet balcony, but they were prepared to get the right help and advice when needed. In order to get their garden looking at its best, 34% of people had sought guidance from landscape contractors, designers or architects.

Benefit from a Better Space

With all this emphasis on outdoor living spaces, UK consumers are now spending more time in their gardens and benefiting from the enhancements they have made. 81% of those who took part in the research used their garden more after upgrading it, with 78% relaxing in it and 67% entertaining their friends outside.