Office Canopies: Practical and Stylish

Office Canopies: Practical and Stylish

Installing a canopy on your office entrance is not only a practical solution to protect employees and visitors, but it also helps to make a focal point of the doorway. What benefits can fitting one have for your business and what should you be looking for when choosing one?

Protection from the Elements

The British weather isn't always in our favour and the rain always comes down at just the wrong moment. With an entrance canopy on your building you can help to protect people entering the building, as well as the actual property itself.

The canopy will stop visitors from getting wet as they use the intercom system or wait for someone to answer the door. It can also serve to keep employees dry as they use the entrance key code or search for their keys. As they're not as wet when they enter the office, it will help to protect the flooring and there's less chance of it becoming dirty or dangerous.

Creates a Feature

When people first visit a new office, finding the main entrance can sometimes be difficult. There might be a number of different doors and it can be hard to locate where the reception area might be. Having a canopy across the main door helps visitors to quickly find where they should be.

A canopy also finishes off the overall look of the building and creates a focal point. They can be designed to be as simple or as elaborate as you need, allowing you to create a canopy that works with the rest of the building and matches both the interior and exterior decoration.

Why Choose a Steel Canopy?

When you're researching canopies you'll find that there are many different designs available, in various sizes. Choosing a UK steel fabrication company to produce your canopy offers you a number of benefits. By installing a steel canopy, you'll be guaranteed a product that's durable and safe. They're built to withstand the elements without collapsing. Once fitted, a canopy is virtually maintenance-free and it simply requires an occasional clean.

A custom-built steel canopy can be designed precisely to your requirements and measurements. This will create the perfect fit and means it won't look out of place on the building. A UK steel fabrication company will work closely with you to choose the exact design you're looking for. They'll visit the site to take measurements and see the area they have to work with. This ensures that there'll be no issues with the installation.

Steel canopies can be produced in a range of different designs. You can opt for a product that's supported by legs or suspended from the wall. It can have a straight or curved roof that's manufactured from either toughened laminated safety glass, which shatters into cubes for safety, or the lighter composite polycarbonate.

With a steel canopy you'll not only be improving the entrance area for visitors, but also creating a more aesthetically pleasing frontage for your business premises.