Not All Older Homeowners Want to Move

Not All Older Homeowners Want to Move

Many experts in the property sector think that those empty-nesters with large properties should move into smaller homes for the benefit of the overall market. However, not all of the people in this situation want to leave the home that they've worked hard to achieve and have built up memories in.

Saga, who provide advice and services for those over the age of 50, believe that it should be up to the individual homeowners whether or not to downsize. They shouldn't be made to feel as if they're being forced into the decision purely because they have too much space for their needs. The organisation thinks that there are some within the property industry who are laying the blame for the lack of available homes partly on older property owners.

Many in this category would consider downsizing but are prevented from doing so by a number of factors. Research conducted by Saga highlighted that two-thirds of property owners who fit into this group would want to move before they retire, but they feel that there are not enough suitable properties available or that the costs associated with this would be too great.

Creating a Retirement Property

If you don't want to move before you retire, then there are ways that you can adapt your current property to suit your changing needs.

If you have a garden, you might want to ensure that it's fairly low-maintenance by maybe altering the design or layout of the space. An outdoor area will be a bonus when you have more time to spend outside, but you want to have the opportunity to relax rather than having to be constantly doing work on it. If your garden is on different levels or you have an exterior staircase, you might want to consider adding a stainless steel banister for safety reasons.

The layout inside the property will also be a factor when you become older. If there is the available space, you may want to think about turning one of the downstairs rooms into a bedroom so that you don't have to keep going upstairs.

The decision to downsize or not as you approach retirement is entirely up to you and your family. If you would rather spend your later years in the property you've built up and raised a family in, then there are many ways in which you can create the perfect retirement property that is easy to maintain.