More Than Just a Staircase

More Than Just a Staircase

In the past, homeowners haven't always paid a great deal of attention to their staircases. They were seen more as a practical necessity but not really as a design statement. However, we are now seeing a change, with designers and homeowners recognising the full potential of staircases. They can be used to create stunning focal points for properties rather than being hidden away.

A Work of Art

We all use our stairs every day, but this doesn't mean that they can't be designed beautifully. They can actually be made into a work of art in themselves by incorporating a choice of materials into the design. This can include stainless steel balustrades, wooden treads or a wrought iron railing.

There are instances where the design of a staircase has been fashioned to resemble other objects, such as a designer staircase that was formed into the structure of a rib cage. This featured metal, glass and wood that combined to provide a modern touch to the home. There was an aluminium balustrade that curved to recreate the shape of a ribcage. Glass was then fitted in between the railings to keep the structure safe.

Practical and Compact

Modern homes do not always offer us the space we require, especially when it comes to finding areas to store items. This doesn't have to be a major problem if you look at creative ways of adding storage units into your home. There is a range of ways that your staircase can be used to improve the space you have available. For example, treads can easily accommodate seating areas or shelving units. This is ideal for more compact properties or split=level apartments, where rooms do not always have the capacity to accommodate all our possessions.

A Spiral Sensation

Spiral staircases used to be regarded as a luxury feature rather than an element that could be beneficial to a property. More homeowners are now seeing the potential of spiral staircases, which take up less space than straight versions and can create a great central feature in a property. Depending on the height of the property, there can be an amazing view from the top of the staircase, and by using the right materials it can add a unique edge to the home - for example, with the addition of a wrought iron railing or glass handrail. The height of the staircase can also be used to add a stunning light feature through the centre.

Luxury with Convenience

When they're planning a new staircase, the majority of homeowners will stick with the tried and tested options. This generally involves the use of materials such as wood or metal. However, there are a variety of other options available which can give your set of stairs more of a luxury twist. For instance, marble stairs would create a wow factor, especially if they're leading down into a contemporary basement conversion. Glass is also another material that is easy to incorporate into stairs but offers something a bit different.