More Homeowners See Their Outdoor Space as a Good Investment

More Homeowners See Their Outdoor Space as a Good Investment

New research has highlighted that more UK homeowners are spending an increasing amount of time and money on their gardens and other outdoor areas. Whether this is simply to enjoy the outdoors or to provide an additional entertaining area, more of us are concentrating on what’s outside our homes as well as inside.

The survey, commissioned for Lloyds Bank Insurance, found that the average homeowner spent £366 on their gardens over the past year. However, it is the younger generation who are embracing this trend more than the older homeowners. In the last year, people who were 25 to 34 years of age spent an average of £747 — more than twice as much as the combined average.

Over the last five years, one third of people surveyed said that they had increased the amount of time and money that they spend on their outdoor areas. There were a number of reasons for this, but the main answer was because they enjoy gardening (29%). Almost a quarter of respondents did so to provide a space for socialising and entertaining their friends, and one in six believes that it will add to the resale value.

This desire to spend more time outside has led to property owners spending an increased amount on items for their garden. 20% of homeowners now have a greenhouse, with more than 25% spending money on flowers and plants within the last year. The vast majority of UK consumers now have some form of outdoor furniture (81%), with 49% owning a BBQ and 10% a trampoline.

How to Invest in Your Outdoor Space

Whatever the size of your outdoor space or your budget, you can still create somewhere inviting. You don’t even have to have a large garden, as a patio or decking area could be created in most spaces. Properties that just have a back yard could set aside a specific area for dining and brighten up the space with container plants. If the property suffers from a distinct lack of outdoor space, or you just want to make the most of a stunning view, then a balcony could be the answer. These can be designed to suit the property, with glass balustrades or iron railings for balcony decoration.

In order to make the most of your outdoor space, there is a whole range of furniture, plants and accessories you can choose to include. Even if you don’t have any bedding areas on your patio or balcony, you could make the space colourful and cosy with the help of some decorative pots or hanging baskets. You can find garden furniture to suit any space, whether you’re looking for a simple dining set or an outdoor sofa. Outdoor areas don’t have to just be reserved for the daytime. By incorporating some lighting, you can transform the space in the evening. You can use iron railings for balcony lighting or place some solar lights around the edge.

If you’re looking to invest in your garden, take some time to consider exactly what you want. Designing the space first will help you make the most of what you have.