Men and Women View Houses Differently

Men and Women View Houses Differently

Moving house can be a testing time for relationships, no matter how long you’ve been together. There can be arguments over which is the right house to buy, and the whole process of moving can cause tension. The different sexes certainly have different priorities when it comes to choosing a house, and a new survey highlights just what’s important for men and women.

The research carried out by The Little House Company shows that the different sexes don’t appear to agree on who makes the final decision when choosing a property. About 75% of women said that the decision is made jointly. However, 80% of men think that it’s women who have the over-riding decision.

The whole decision-making process is also carried out differently by men and women. They make their choices using a varied set of priorities, and what’s important to women is not classed as crucial for men. This in itself could be problematic when choosing between properties. The overall feel of a house and first impressions are more important for women then men — 68% of women put this on their list compared to just 15% of men.

When they’re viewing properties, men tend to have a more practical head on them. They are more concerned with elements around the structure and overall condition rather than material features. Men always have one eye on the future and especially how much the property might end up costing. 85% of the men who were surveyed said that the state of the house and any work that needs doing are important factors. For instance, if a property had a balcony, this in itself might draw a woman in. Men, on the other hand, might see if it had stainless steel wire balustrades or look at the type of flooring that was fitted.

One area that sellers often presume will be a primary influencer, especially when it comes to the family market, is proximity to good schools. However, across those who took part in the research, only 8% said that the local schools would be a key consideration in their property decision. Children also don’t have much of a say over which house a family buys. Just 5% of people surveyed would take their views into account.

Whoever makes the final decision, it’s important to make the right one. You need to consider all aspects of a property and ensure it will work for you and your family.