Making the Most of Your Loft Conversion

Making the Most of Your Loft Conversion

When homeowners are looking for a cost-effective way of enhancing their home and creating more space, extending upwards into the loft can be a good option. As long as the loft space is suitable for a conversion and can accommodate the additional load, the construction process will be fairly straightforward and require minimal disruption.

It's important when planning a loft conversion that you exploit the best features, such as the abundance of light that is available at the top of a property or the stunning views that you can have. To help you understand how best to use the space that you have, here are some top tips to make the most of a loft conversion.

Make the Stairs a Feature

You will likely need to install a new staircase to access your loft conversion, so think about how this can enhance the overall design rather than just opting for a standard set. For instance, you could choose a spectacular metal spiral staircase or a modern winding design that fits neatly into a corner.

Don't Just Stay Indoors

If you want to make the most of the views from your loft, then consider incorporating a balcony into the plans. This doesn't have to be a large area to be effective, but with the right type of balcony railings it could offer you much more living space and add to the value of your home.

Make Use of Awkward Corners

One of the difficulties with loft conversions can be the awkward spaces that you have to work with and the varying ceiling heights. However, by having a clever design you can minimise the amount of space that is unused by fitting storage under the eaves or building units around the plumbing and electrics to hide unsightly areas.

Remember the Exterior Look

Designing a loft conversion is not just about how it looks from the inside: you also have to consider the exterior look and ensure that this is in keeping with the rest of the property. If you have a contemporary house, for instance, and you add a balcony on to the conversion, you want the balcony railings to have a modern design that complements the existing style.

Create a Feature out of the Unusual

Loft spaces can often have unusual shapes or features that can detract from the room, but if you use them correctly they can actually become a feature of the conversion. For example, you could have subtle light fittings concealed in the roof apex to give the feeling of height or use the gable wall to frame your bed.

Incorporate Glass

Loft rooms can suffer from feeling too compact and claustrophobic, but there are ways in which you can give them a spacious feeling by using more glass elements. If you can create an illusion of space between the outside and inside and draw more light into the room, it will give the impression that the loft is much larger.