Maintaining Your Glass Staircase

Maintaining Your Glass Staircase

Glass staircases can look stylish and contemporary in both residential and office settings. The glass can be incorporated into the design in a number of ways, including as part of the balustrade or handrail. One of the benefits of glass, apart from the overall appearance, is that it is surprisingly easy to maintain.

Strong and Durable

Often glass is seen as a fragile material, and people tend to shy away from using it. There can be safety concerns surrounding specific environments, such as those in high-traffic areas or in family homes. However, the type of glass that is used in the manufacture of staircases is toughened safety glass. This is particularly strong and safe to use in these situations. The glass is unlikely to break. However, if the worst does happen, the section will break into very small bits rather than sharp shards. The toughened glass is also resistant to scratches and will last for a considerable length of time if looked after correctly.

Maintaining the Glass

A glass staircase will only need an occasional clean to keep it in good condition. You should first use a damp cloth or sponge to remove traces of grease or dirt. You need to ensure that the cloth has been squeezed out to prevent water from dripping on to any wooden sections. If moisture is allowed to penetrate into the timber, it can lead to rot and degrade the material. Following this, you can use a window-cleaner spray to wipe over the surface of the glass. When doing this, it’s best to use lint-free cloths, but kitchen roll is an effective alternative.

Repairing Breakages

It is highly unlikely that any sections of your staircase will break, but if some of the glass does shatter it can easily be repaired. The toughened glass will shatter rather than cracking into sharp sections. This means that it should have all come away from the staircase, making the repair safer and easier. Once the missing part has been measured, you can simply replace with a new piece of glass that has been cut to size. In order to ensure it matches the original sections, it’s best to speak to the original supplier or installer of the staircase.

Glass staircases can be produced in a wide range of styles and designs. They can be incorporated into different settings, providing a focal point within the building.