Maintaining Original Features Adds Value to Period Properties

Maintaining Original Features Adds Value to Period Properties

The main selling points of a period property are the original features, and these can add real value and give your home more of an appeal than similar properties where they've been removed. When you're renovating your home, which areas should you pay particular attention to and ensure you replicate the original style?


Fireplaces were an essential element of period homes, and they can be a focal point in a room, so it's a good idea to keep one that fits with the style of the property rather than removing them for convenience. Often you can pick up period fireplaces that need work doing to them at a cheaper price than fully restored ones, or you could look at reproduction models that replicate the original designs.


There's no doubt that UPVC windows are a practical option, but the basic models will detract from the look and feel of a period home and should be avoided if at all possible. If you still want the effectiveness and low maintenance of modern windows, try looking for sash ones that will be more in keeping with the style and don't actually cost too much more than the standard versions.


If a period property still has the original staircase, try to work with this to maintain the true style. However, there are instances where it will need to be completely replaced because of safety or cost issues. If this is the case, look at using a design that replicates the original style. So if there was an elaborate helical staircase, then choose a supplier who can work around this to design and install a new staircase that looks similar and fits within the space.


Period properties generally have wooden exterior doors, which can deteriorate if they've not been properly maintained. Fitting a new door or renovating and painting the existing one can instantly brighten up the outside of your home and give it more character and a welcoming feel.


When the original flooring needs replacing, it can be very expensive compared with modern styles and materials, but it's always better to go for the best you can afford to maintain the original design. Some elements are easier to replicate than others, such as modern stone and tiles, which can be given a period look. However, new wooden flooring will not have the same effect as the original floorboards.