Main Reasons Buyers Are Put Off Homes

Main Reasons Buyers Are Put Off Homes

Selling your home is all about attracting the right buyers. There are a number of issues that can put buyers off a property and prevent you from selling as easily. However, some of these can be easily rectified if you put in a bit of effort and invest in your home.

Off-Putting Signs

New research published for Gocompare shows that the biggest problem that will put buyers off is signs of damp, such as stains on the ceiling and walls. This can give the impression that the property hasn't been properly maintained, and buyers might be worried that there will be other issues lurking within the house. 67% of those who were questioned for the survey stated that this would put them off buying a property.

Other maintenance issues or lack of repair work would also deter buyers. 60% said that poorly maintained windows would be an issue, and 53% wouldn't want to buy a house if any building work was unfinished. Often sellers will look to carry out quick and cheap DIY work before they put a property on the market. However, if you are thinking about doing this, you should make sure that the work is conducted properly or you could make the problem worse. 42% of respondents said that badly completed DIY projects would make them think again about buying the property.

Improving Your Home

Some issues with your property might seem major, but they could be easily solved by some creative thinking and a bit of work. For example, 46% of buyers would see dark rooms or those with a lack of natural light as a downside. There are many ways that you can open up a room and draw in more light, including removing trees or bushes from the exterior. You could also look at installing floor-to-ceiling windows or doors that lead out to a balcony with wrought iron railings.

Small rooms could also cause a problem if you're looking to sell. 45% of those who were questioned for the research would be put off by those properties that didn't have adequately proportioned rooms. If possible, you could knock through two rooms to create a more open-plan space, such as a family living and dining area. This would reduce the number of rooms but might make better use of the available space.

Another way of adding to the existing space and making a room appear bigger is to fit a balcony to the outside of your property, which could be finished off with wrought iron railings. This will also give you additional outdoor space, perfect for relaxing, dining and entertaining. A balcony would provide a unique selling point for your home and give you an advantage over other properties in the area.

Before you look to sell your property, it's important to view it from the point of view of a buyer. Consider what would attract you to a property and then think of ways in which you can improve your home.