Looking After Your Wrought Iron Railings

Looking After Your Wrought Iron Railings

Creating iron railings for your balcony or exterior staircase can add a stylish and traditional touch, but it’s important that you maintain them effectively. This will keep them in good condition for longer and extend the life of the railings.

Any item of iron furniture or decorative piece requires maintenance to remove the build-up of rust and prevent it from deteriorating. The iron can be painted to improve the look, but this is not an effective method of protection unless the covering is maintained. Following this maintenance process when required will ensure your railings are clean and properly protected.

Cleaning Your Railings

Before you start cleaning your wrought iron railings, you need to take off any chipped and flaky paintwork. This will expose the surface of the railing and allow you to remove any existing rust.

The iron can be cleaned using a combination of warm water and either soap, household cleaner or vinegar. When the solution is ready, take one section and clean the area by wiping the railing with a cloth using a circular action. You should continue to do so, rinsing the cloth as required, until all the dirt has been removed. Then you need to repeat this process across the rest of the railings.

If you have stubborn patches of rust, sandpaper or a wire brush might be useful. When all of the railings have been cleaned, wipe down the surface with fresh water to remove the cleaning products. Finally, leave to thoroughly dry.

Painting the Railings

Once your railings are clean and dry, you can apply a fresh coat of paint. It is essential that you use a product that has been designed specifically for iron, as this will offer better protection. Read the instructions carefully before use, and take heed of any warnings.

When you’re painting the railings, you need to ensure that all areas of the surface are covered. Otherwise, moisture could still get under the paintwork and cause the iron to deteriorate. You should pay particular care to corners and joins to make sure that these are thoroughly coated. The iron will require a few thin layers of paint, and you need to allow the surface to dry in between coats.

By following these few simple steps, your iron railings will be maintained effectively, and you can continue to enjoy their beauty for many years to come.