Location Is Key for Buyers

Location Is Key for Buyers

New research highlights that location remains a critical element for those buying a new house. There is nothing that you can do to change the position of your property, but there are ways you can emphasise the benefits of your location to appeal to potential buyers.

The survey carried out by eMoov.co.uk, an online estate agent, showed that almost three-quarters of people would be happier with their dream area instead of a perfect house. It appears that home owners are far more willing to compromise on the size, layout or decor of the property they buy. There are ways in which you can improve a property and adapt it to your requirements, but there is nothing that can be done about the location.

There are other factors concerning location that will impact on a buyer’s decision. 77% of people who were surveyed were looking for excellent transport links close to the property. Home owners are often willing to commute to their place of work if it’s quick and easy, either with a good road network or fast rail links via a nearby station.

It is often assumed that the majority of buyers will consider the standard of the local schools when purchasing a new home. However, this is actually more of a minor issue, with just over 50% saying it was a key factor in their decision. The quality of the schooling tends to become more of a critical element for families or young couples who are looking to put down roots.

What Is the Perfect Location?

A person’s dream location with be different depending on their lifestyle choices and what stage of life they are at. Some potential buyers might be looking for a central location with amenities on their doorstep and not mind being close to an office development with commercial security gates. Other buyers could be searching for a more peaceful and rural location.

If you’re trying to sell your property, you need to make the most of the location you have. Decide who your buyers are likely to be and sell them on the key points that they’ll be interested in. This could be the amount of land that is available, where the nearest station is, how good the local shops and services are or the standard of the local school.

You can’t change where your home is, but you can use what you do have to your advantage.