Living Room Trends for 2015

Living Room Trends for 2015

At the start of a new year, many homeowners will consider changing the interior design of their property. It’s always good to have a new look for a new year, and it doesn’t take much to give your room a fresh feeling. The living room is a key area of the house, and there are many ways you can bring it to life. Whether you want to have a complete rethink on the style and furniture or just add a touch of colour, here are the major trends for 2015.

There is a range of trends that will be popular over the next year. This will cover both contemporary and traditional styles, bringing in fresh colours, decorative patterns and a combination of textures. By combining a number of different areas, you can give a unique personality to your living space.

A Fusion of Styles

One of the areas of interior design that will become increasingly popular is combining both the old and new in one space. This makes it possible to bring together antique looks amongst more contemporary designs without the two clashing. By following this trend, you can create a stylish combination that brings a touch of interest to the room. If you’re looking to follow this theme, then it’s a good idea to start with a soft and neutral base that you can then add a few bold statements to. This will instantly update the look of your room and makes it easy to change without the need for a large budget.

A Choice of Materials

There are a variety of materials that are fashionable across the interior design sector. These include natural wood and stone, which provides a rustic edge, as well as marble and granite if you want to give the space a luxury feel. If you have the space for a set of bespoke stairs that can flow into the living space, this is an excellent way of combining materials to create a stunning feature.

Colour Schemes

The colour scheme for a room will have a major influence on the overall atmosphere. Calming and relaxing tones always work well in a living space, so you could use natural and pastel shades. Some of the key colours for 2015 include yellows, mauves, purples and blues. These will help to give the space a classic look whilst keeping up to date with the latest fashions.