Lighting Solutions for Gardens and Balconies

Lighting Solutions for Gardens and Balconies

Lighting can provide the perfect finishing touch for your garden, balcony or glass stair balustrade. There is a wide range of effects that can be created simply by installing the right type of lighting. However, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know what will work best.

Technology has advanced considerably in recent years, allowing for a wider range of styles to come to the market. LEDs have become more efficient and solar lights are now much more reliable than older models. This enables consumers to create a variety of effects that at one point would have been reserved for designer gardens. Garden lighting is available in a range of DIY and home stores, as well as through online outlets and specialist suppliers.

One element to consider when choosing your outdoor lighting is how to power them. If you don’t opt for solar or battery-operated units, then you will need to ensure you have an electricity outlet available. If there are no existing outdoor sockets, then you can speak to an electrician to have them installed. You should always ensure you have someone qualified to carry out this work.

LED Lights

These types of lights can be used to create a variety of effects across your garden or balcony. They can be fitted into a number of areas, such as in a pool, pond or water feature or across a balcony rail. They are available as spotlights as well as models that can be recessed into the flooring or walls. LEDs emit a bright light, especially considering their relatively small size. They are generally more expensive to buy than other lighting, but are extremely long-lasting and energy-efficient.

Fibre-Optic Lighting

With fibre-optic lighting you can place it within the decking or along a glass stair balustrade. The transparent tubes work well to soften edges and the low-level lighting creates a calming and relaxing effect. This type of lighting also works well to brighten up focal points, including statues or floral arrangements. They are relatively easy to install but may require the help of a specialist service. These lights provide a low-maintenance option and are long-lasting.

Solar-Powered Lights

The technology that is used within solar lights today is far more efficient than that used in the earlier models. They now emit much brighter lights and work well even in fairly dull conditions. However, they are still not as effective in the winter and can’t be relied upon for a guaranteed light or from a safety aspect. They work well to edge areas of a garden or balcony, as well as when strung along walls or standing in planters. They provide a low-level light source, but there are more advanced LED units that emit a brighter light. Solar lights can be expensive to buy, but you need to remember that there are no additional costs to run them. They are simple to fit yourself, as there is no need to connect them to an electricity supply.