Lack of DIY Skills Causes Halt to Jobs

Lack of DIY Skills Causes Halt to Jobs

With spring in full swing and the next bank holiday around the corner, many homeowners are looking at which DIY project to tackle next. However, new research suggests that we're not as confident when it comes to doing DIY as we like to make out we are. It highlights that we often leave jobs half finished or fail to start them in the first place.

The research was carried out by Halifax Home Insurance and shows that over a third (38%) of property owners have started some DIY but not finished it. There were also another 10% of people who didn't even begin the work, even when they had purchased everything they needed.

There can be a number of reasons why homeowners do this, and it's often the case that they're not confident in their abilities. The research also asked homeowners what areas they felt they were lacking skills in. 21% of those surveyed said they couldn't fit a new light bulb; 58% couldn't put up some shelves; and 27% didn't feel that they could even paint their property.

Problem DIY

Past disasters could be one of the reasons why homeowners are so lacking in confidence when it comes to tackling DIY projects. Overall, 29% of people surveyed had had a previous disaster. The results show that there are differences across the country, with those in the West Midlands and Yorkshire having the most DIY problems (33%), with Wales following with 23%.

If we're not confident in our DIY abilities, why are we even attempting some of these projects? The research showed that the main reason homeowners do so is to save some money (70%). 56% of people said they actually liked doing the work, and 10% wouldn't know a decent trades person to rely on.

Call in the Professionals

Whether you fancy yourself as a DIY expert or just want to save a few pounds, there are always some jobs where it's vital that you seek professional help. Many projects, including fitting an iron balcony, require someone with the expert knowledge and experience to carry out the work correctly and safely. If you try to attempt this work yourself you could end up damaging the property or causing injury to yourself or others.

Whatever type of project you need to complete, it's vital that you are confident in your own abilities before you start. If there are any doubts, you should always call in a professional.