Keeping Your Home Secure This Summer

Keeping Your Home Secure This Summer

With the summer holidays just around the corner, many of us will be planning a break away or just plenty of time in the garden. However, before you set foot outside you should make sure that your home is secure. Summer might mean fun for most of us, but it also leaves prime opportunities for burglars.

You might not realise how many potential ways there are of accessing your home, but it only takes you to miss one for someone to break in. It’s not even necessary to be away from your home for long for an opportunist to gain access. You could just be in the back garden if the front of the house isn’t secure. Here are some top tips to ensure that your possessions are still there when you return.

Have the Right Locks

Unsecure patio and balcony doors are an easy way for unwelcome guests to get into your home. The standard locks that are fitted are not always of the highest quality and can be easily broken by those who know how to. If you haven’t upgraded your locks, then it’s a good idea to have something more secure installed.

A central rail lock offers a higher level of security than a simple key-operated one. This is a multi-point system that is attached at the point where the doors meet. An even more secure multi-point lock works by having the door bolted into the actual frame.

Close Doors and Windows

There’s no point in having sophisticated door and window locks if you don’t use them. Whenever you leave the house or are in a different part of it, make sure that the doors and windows are closed and locked. Even those on a balcony are not fully secure unless they’re properly fastened. A burglar can easily climb up using a balustrade stainless steel handrail or an adjacent pipe.

Restrict Access

Often homeowners focus on the security at the front of their property, but the back can be even more of a target. If someone can get access to the garden and rear of a home, they are less likely to be spotted entering the building. In a property where you can get to the garden down the side, make sure that you have a high gate that can be locked. Cut down any trees or bushes that are next to your home or balcony, as these can be used to climb up on to the balustrade stainless steel staircase or flat roof.

Light Up the Area

Gardens and balcony areas are often extremely dark at night, with little street or other external lighting. You should fit a sensor light to the balcony and patio areas which will come on if someone is in the vicinity. A burglar is less likely to try gaining access to your house if they are concerned someone might see them.

Summer should be a time for enjoying yourself and spending time with the family. You can avoid the misery of being burgled by taking preventative measures to protect your property.