Keeping Your Balcony Garden Colourful

Keeping Your Balcony Garden Colourful

Even as the summer draws to a close and autumn edges in, you can still keep your garden or balcony looking colourful. By planting the right bulbs throughout the year, you can have a display that changes with the seasons. If your exterior space is starting to look a bit dull, here are some plants that will help to brighten it up for longer.

Many people's gardens seem to look glorious across the year, whereas others only really have any colour during the spring and summer. If you want yours to be the former, there are some simple ways to bring more colour in, even on the darkest of days.

Which Flowers Should You Plant?

There are a wide variety of different plant species, and if you don't really know the differences between them, it can be hard to know which ones you should plant and which will give you colour for longest. Here are just a few of the varieties that are well known for flowering long into the autumn so you can keep your balcony blooming.

Fuchsias are hardy plants that will flower from the middle of June through to the middle of November. They do tend to grow and spread but will look beautiful in some ornamental pots, or you could hang the containers over your stainless steel rail.

Perennials are ideal if you want to see colour on your balcony into the autumn. They can easily be added to balcony gardens by planting in pots, hanging baskets or containers attached to the handrails or balustrades. Coreopsis has a beautiful sunshine-yellow flower and will bloom until the hard frosts begin, which is generally sometime in November. Penstemmon are delicate lilac and white flowers and will still add colour to your garden long after the night-time frosts begin.

Dahlias are also great for bringing some autumn colour to your balcony. The bright red flowers will stay in bloom from the start of July through to the hard frosts. The Japanese anemone has semi-evergreen leaves, and the simple white flowers should see you through to the end of October.

With a more colourful balcony, it will become the perfect place for relaxing after a long day at work. Even if you live in the middle of the city, a few simple plants can help to transport you to a more exotic and tranquil location.