Keeping Your Balcony Deck in the Right Condition

Keeping Your Balcony Deck in the Right Condition

When you’ve got a balcony, you don’t want to be spending hours maintaining it. That is why composite decking is such a good choice for balcony flooring, as it’s extremely low-maintenance. However, it does still need some care and attention to keep it looking its best. Here are a few tips on how to care for your decking.

Keeping It Clean

All areas of a balcony are bound to get dirty with general use, including the stainless steel handrails UK composite decking and glass balustrades. When you’re cleaning the decking, you can buy specialist cleaners or simply use soap and hot water. The surface can be scrubbed using a brush with soft bristles.

You can use a hose to remove any stubborn debris or dirt on the surface, and a gentle scrub will help around the embossed areas. You should only use a pressure washer on the decking if it operates at a maximum of 3100psi. Anything over this could cause damage to the flooring. Once you’ve used the pressure washer, it’s important to thoroughly rinse the area.

Any tannin that has been left by the debris can be removed by using a deck brightener. This contains oxalic acid, which helps to counteract the damage caused by the tannins.

It’s best to clean the decking just after it’s been installed and then twice a year should be sufficient. Spring and autumn are good opportunities for cleaning, ensuring it looks good for summer and doesn’t become damaged by the winter weather.

Maintaining the Look

As well as cleaning the decking on an occasional basis, it’s also important to look after the flooring throughout the year. During the winter months, don’t allow snow to build up on the deck for long periods of time. After a heavy snowfall, it should be removed using a plastic snow shovel. Rock salt can be used to melt any remaining snow or ice.

Balconies are great places for entertaining, but this can lead to food and drink being spilt on the floor. This shouldn’t cause too much damage as long as anything that is dropped is cleaned up as soon as you can. Once you’ve removed the debris, you can spray the area using a hose and scrub with warm soapy water.

By following these simple tips, you can help to maintain the look of your balcony flooring for many years to come.