Keep Cool on Your Balcony This Summer

Keep Cool on Your Balcony This Summer

Balconies make a great addition to your property and are the perfect place to enjoy the summer weather. However, they can suffer from a lack of shade if you don't plan the location correctly. If you want to make the most out of your balcony and avoid getting too hot, here are some great ideas.

Think About the Location

If you've not yet built your balcony, it would be useful to consider where would be the best location. Obviously, you will face certain restrictions due to the style and setting of your property. However, you should think about which part of the property gets the most sun and what time of day you're more likely to be using the balcony. This way you can avoid having it in the direct sunlight for large parts of the day, which could make it too hot to sit out comfortably.

Grow Some Shade

Balconies are ideal places to grow your own shade using species of flowers and plants that flourish in the sunlight. Make sure you have a plan for the type of plants you want to grow and where would be the best place to position these. Once they've grown, they will start to provide a natural shade. You can also use the iron balcony railings to support some plants. This would create an element of privacy and block out some of the sunlight.

Fit a Canopy

If you want some additional shade that's quick and easy to direct, then it's fairly straightforward to fit a canopy to the top of your balcony. They come in a choice of styles and colours, so you can choose one that fits in with your current design style. This can be retracted when it's not needed to keep it out of the way.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

If you want to create more of a party atmosphere on your balcony, then an outside fridge or drinks cabinet would be ideal. This provides everyone with easy access to plenty of cold drinks without even having to leave the balcony area. If you intend to use the balcony a lot for entertaining, then there is a range of ways you can brighten up the area, including fitting party lights to the iron balcony railings.

Choose the Right Furniture

Your choice of furniture can make all the difference to the look and feel of your balcony. However, we often pay too much attention to the style and not enough to the practicality of the items we buy for our garden and outdoor space. Metal furniture in particular looks contemporary and would work well on a balcony with iron balcony railings. However, these pieces can get unbearably hot when the sun is shining for long parts of the day. To avoid this, you should look at wood and fabric alternatives, or you could consider adding upholstery to your metal pieces to cool them down.

If you're able to keep your balcony cooler, it will be a more inviting space for you to relax in after a long day.