Is Adding a Balcony the Right Choice for You?

Is Adding a Balcony the Right Choice for You?

Balconies can be a great addition to a home, but they can also cause problems if you don’t plan them correctly. Whether you’re looking to add one to an existing property or as part of a self-build project, it’s important to consider the benefits carefully. If you do this, then they can create a stylish feature and increase the value of your property rather than looking out of place.

The Right Structural Support

Balconies can be built on to a property using a number of different techniques. When you’re designing one, you need to think about how you want it to be supported. This could be done by using supporting legs which are built into the floor below and carry the full weight of the balcony. Alternatively, you could create a floating effect by constructing it into the structure of the property. There is also the option of using an existing flat roof to build the balcony on.

The Effect on the Rest of the Property

When you build out from the house on an upper floor, there is the risk of taking some of the natural light away from the rooms below. If the balcony is constructed using supporting pillars, these could also obstruct the view from another part of the house. Both of these issues can be avoided by not building over windows or doorways. In situations where this isn’t possible, you could create more light on the ground floor by increasing the number or size of windows.

Reducing the Amount of Maintenance

When a balcony is looked after correctly, it can be a beautiful feature. However, it’s not an element that can simply be left once it’s been installed. The majority of balconies will require some form of regular maintenance. This can be reduced by choosing the right materials in your design. Consider the type of materials for the handrails, balustrades and railings. For example, you may want to choose iron railings for balcony balustrades or you could use glass or solid wood handrails. Any supports or fixings will need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure they remain structurally sound, and railings will need to be secure to keep the balcony safe. When you’re designing the balcony, it would be useful to keep these areas easily accessible to make maintenance easier.

If a balcony is planned correctly, it can be a major asset for your property. Structures that are well installed will provide you with many years of enjoyment.