Iron Spiral Stairs Are Ideal for Inside and Outside

Iron Spiral Stairs Are Ideal for Inside and Outside

Iron spiral staircases are often thought of as things that only appear on period properties or in films, but they can be an attractive feature in many homes, both inside and outside.

Wrought iron stairs are an ideal way to add a touch of elegance to your property, and they bring a number of benefits if you choose the design and positioning carefully. They can be used in a variety of ways, and their ornate designs will become a feature of your property that is admired by family and friends.

Exterior Iron Spiral Stairs

Installing an exterior spiral staircase makes a useful addition to your home, allowing you to access the garden from the upper floors without the need to go down the stairs and then outside.

A decorative set of iron spiral stairs can look stunning if it leads out from the main bedroom and is a great way to produce an elaborate effect that will create a feature in your property. Often an exterior staircase will lead off a terrace or balcony, but it can also be done from a doorway if the positioning is right.

Iron is a fantastic choice for an exterior staircase, as it offers a low-maintenance and durable solution and can be designed to suit both period and contemporary homes.

Interior Spiral Stairs

As well as looking good on the outside of your property, wrought iron spiral stairs will also work on the inside, adding a stylish feature that can be achieved within your budget. Spiral stairs are more open than traditional straight or enclosed stairs, providing more light and generating a sense of space that makes the property feel larger.

Wherever you position your iron spiral stairs, such as in the entrance hall or off the dining area, they will become a focal point and be admired by visitors. They can be manufactured in a choice of designs, and the iron can be combined with other materials if you wish to create a different effect. You could opt to have an intricate design with ornate spindles or choose a simpler style to complement a contemporary home.

Iron can be used to create a range of different effects with your staircase, and working with a specialist supplier will ensure that your new set is designed with your particular property in mind, whether you're looking for interior or exterior stairs.