Infinity Balconies

Infinity Balconies

An infinity balcony can transform a living space, offering a stylish, minimalist design, which brings the outdoors indoors and adds a 'wow' factor to a property. In this article, we take a look at the key considerations, options and benefits of infinity balconies.

Key Considerations
It is important when purchasing an infinity balcony to consider the following points:

- Will the balcony be constructed from quality materials?

- Is the glass certificated for balcony use?

- Will the supplier adhere to current building regulations?

- What type of glass is required (clear, opaque, coloured or etched)? 

- Will the balcony be fitted by qualified professionals?

Choices Choices Choices!
‚ÄčA bespoke infinity balcony creates a sense of space by allowing you an uninterrupted view of your garden or surrounding area. A frameless system, for example, which uses a channel to secure the glass, provides a stylish, minimalist finish, whilst not compromising on safety.

Infinity balconies are constructed from top quality materials, and can be fabricated to suit all shapes and sizes of home. Supplied with or without handrails, Bradfabs' infinity balconies feature a choice of fixings and glass (clear, tinted or etched), and all of our glass complies to the latest safety specifications. Channel systems can be styled to suit the surroundings - through powder coating, for example - as well as being base fixed (top down), or side mounted to go up a staircase.

About Bradfabs
Bradfabs specialises in the production and installation of infinity balconies for customers across Yorkshire and further afield, including Bradfabs' bespoke channel system. Our team of highly trained experts will ensure that your infinity balcony is fitted safely, securely and to your total satisfaction. For more information about our bespoke infinity balconies, check out our Product Listings, call us now on 01274 400401, or email us at