Ideas to Create a Feature Staircase

Ideas to Create a Feature Staircase

The new year is often a time when homeowners look at revamping a certain room to bring it up to date and add a sense of style. The majority of people focus on the key areas, such as brightening up a bedroom or installing new kitchen units. The staircase area can be a part of the home that doesn't generally take much thought, but it's a fantastic place to inject a bit of creative flair.

Whether you're looking to install a new metal spiral staircase or simply alter the decor in this area, there is a range of options to suit all budgets. As long as the basic staircase structure is sound, you can bring out your creative side when it comes to customisation.

The type of stairs you go for can add to the finished look. A metal spiral staircase can be an expensive choice, but it will definitely become a feature of your home. However, even a simple straight set of stairs can be stylish with the right type of decor.

Stylish Storage

Often the space under your stairs can be redundant or become a mess of random bits and pieces. With some thought, you can create a practical storage space that also looks appealing. This could be as simple as having shelving or furniture built to fit in the space, or you could go as far as turning the steps into drawers so that everything is hidden away.

Bring Out Your Personality

A staircase is a great place to inject some of your personality into a property. It is quite often one of the first parts of your home that a visitor will see, so it's a fantastic way of creating a talking point. For example, if you have a passion for music, you could design the stair treads to resemble piano keys. Alternatively, if you're a family of book lovers, you could think of some famous literary quotes to paint on the vertical sections or simply use your favourite book titles. These could also be painted on to the walls leading up the stairs.

A Cosy Den

Children love to have their own space where they can create their own stories, chill out with a good book or simply relax with their friends. They are also small enough to appreciate the space under the stairs without having the inconvenience of height. You could use your children's favourite characters, from superheroes or Harry Potter, to design a special den that is just for them. This could include shelving for all their books, toys and games and comfy beanbags or other small seats. By using a piece of wood that has been cut to fit, you could even design a front to the den, with a door and windows, so they can truly make it their own.

Rather than just giving your staircase a lick of paint or fitting a new carpet, why not spend some time adding a touch of style and usability to the area which will make your property stand out?