How Your Staircase Can Help Sell Your Home

How Your Staircase Can Help Sell Your Home

With spring just around the corner, now is an ideal time to get your house on the market, but with recent research showing that a large percentage of viewers look at three or more properties before making a decision, you need to ensure you make the right first impression.

Buyers Viewing More Properties

Research conducted by Your Move found that 80% of potential buyers would view at least three properties before they decide which one to put an offer on, and 40% looked at over six homes, so this shows how important it is to wow potential buyers straight away.

This is a crucial financial decision, and buyers are taking the time to get it right, with those in the South East viewing the most properties (51% saw at least six). South West buyers were close behind with 48% looking at six or more properties, whereas only 30% of those in the North West viewed this many.

Styling Your Home Right

February is an extremely busy month in terms of property viewings, and as spring in general is a key time for house buying, you need to get your home looking right for valuations and viewings. In order to achieve the best possible price, your home needs to have that wow factor as soon as buyers walk through the door.

Often they will make a decision pretty much straight away, and creating a stylish entrance area, such as a staircase with a stainless steel and glass balustrade, will make more of an impact than simply adding in a few flowers and repainting the space.

The hallway will be the first area that viewers see, and redesigning this could be key to securing a quick sale at the right price.

Updating Your Staircase

Some homeowners think that changing parts of their staircase is difficult, costly and time-consuming, but this is typically not true, and there is a range of options available to give your home a unique look, whether you have a period or modern property.

A period property could benefit from adding in intricate white oak spindles that bring to life the traditional feel of a staircase. However, in these types of homes you could also give it a contemporary twist by using metal spindles, and coloured metals are completely on trend this year.

If you have a smaller hallway, then there is still plenty you can do to make it into a feature of your home. The use of a stainless steel and glass balustrade will allow more light to filter through and give the space an airy and open feeling. It's possible to enhance the idea of space by positioning mirrors strategically within the hallway, which will also make better use of the natural light.

It doesn't take much effort to transform your staircase and hallway into a space that will capture the imagination of potential buyers and make them more likely to put in an offer that is close to your asking price.