How to Use Interior Design to Reinforce Branding

How to Use Interior Design to Reinforce Branding

For a commercial business, your premises are often the first part of the company that a new client will see. It's vital that every inch of this building shows off the company and its position in the market in the right light. First impressions really do matter, so the initial entrance area, including the reception desk and the main metal stairs, have a big role to play.

The Importance of Your Brand

It doesn't matter how small or large your company is: your brand is still an important element of the marketing of your business. It is what makes you different from your competition and helps you to stand out in the marketplace. Your branding needs to follow through all areas of the business, from the office space to your products and services.

If you want to successfully target your audience and make a long-lasting impact on them, you need to get all aspects of this perfect. This even includes how your offices are designed down to small details, such as the installation of the right type of stairs.

A Stunning Entrance Area

Your entrance area can say a lot about your company, and it's not a space that you should design without any thought for the branding. Customers want to understand that they're in the right location, and if you have a distinctive style and brand, this is easier for them to see.

Even a staircase can be designed and installed to suit your branding. For example, if you are a fairly traditional company and you want to bring out this heritage in your branding, you will be better suited to distinctive metal stairs. These can incorporate your logo into the balustrades or be painted in the company colours.

Alternatively, contemporary businesses, such as those in the media industry, will be more likely to go for modern and minimalist designed glass stairs. These create a smooth and sleek appearance that enhances the modern feel of the business.

The Building's Exterior

Before a visitor even sets foot inside your offices, they will have gained an impression of the company from the outside appearance of the building. This needs to be designed along the same lines as the inside, with obvious branding and a style that replicates your vision.

This can be incorporated into all areas, from a clear entranceway with a canopy and signage to make it more appealing to a well-designed car park. If a potential client feels you have made an effort with how the business looks from the outside, they will be more inclined to use your services, as they believe you will put this much time and thought into your work.

Whether you're establishing a new business, moving into new offices or simply redesigning an existing space, how it looks and the type of furniture you include will be of paramount importance. This can be the element that draws the rest of the business together and creates a successful operation.