How to Put the Fun Back into Your Garden

How to Put the Fun Back into Your Garden

Hopefully, we've still got a bit more summer weather to come, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy your garden and outdoor space. A garden is the perfect place for you to relax and have some fun with your family and friends. Whatever size of space you have, there are ways to make the area more exciting and unleash the child in everyone. Here are a few ideas of how you can reignite some fun in your garden.

Create a Zip Wire

If you've ever taken children to the local park, then you'll know that they always want to queue up for the zip wire. Instead of spending hours fighting everyone else for space on it, you can make one of your own in the garden. Simply use a slackline, which can be bought from online retailers, and fasten it tightly to a tree or the highest point within your garden, such as the iron railings for balcony installations. Then you can use a pair of old bike handlebars and you're ready to go.

Garden Games

Playing outdoor games is fun for everyone, no matter what age you are. However, using real games outside can often lead to pieces being lost, blown away or becoming damaged. Instead of wasting time and money sorting everything out, you can make up your own with just a few simple items. For instance, why not have a go at a DIY version of Twister. All you need is to buy some different-coloured spray paints and you can make up your own board on the grass. The beauty of this idea is that the board can be as big or small as you like so that even the grown-ups can join in.

Create a Chill-Out Zone

Hammocks and outdoor bean bags look really stylish in gardens, and they offer you the perfect place to chill out after a long hard day at work. Find a quiet area in which to hang your hammock and somewhere that's not in direct sunlight all day. A nice shady spot in between two trees would be ideal. Alternatively, you could hang it across from a tree or stand to your iron railings for balcony sides.

Keep Drinks Within Reach

On long summer days and nights, an ice-cold drink is exactly what you need to cool down. If you don't want to be getting up all the time and going inside to get one, you can make your own drinks cooler so everything is within easy reach. You can simply use some long plant pots that have rimmed edges and cut a hole into your patio table that will fit them. Once this has been cut out, position the pots inside the hole, fill them with ice and you've got the perfect cooler.

With a fun garden just outside your house, you'll never want to go anywhere else. Whether you've got children or just enjoy spending quality time outside, now is the ideal time to make some exciting changes to your space.