How to Prepare Your Business for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Business for the Winter

You might not be ready for it, but the winter is almost upon us. The cold weather can bring about additional problems for office buildings and other commercial premises if you've not taken the right steps to protect them. There are ways in which you can minimise the disruption and costs by doing some work to prepare your building for the winter.

Do an Exterior Check

It's important to check the exterior of your property is in good condition prior to the winter months. This includes checking the doors and windows to ensure that they provide proper insulation and that the surrounds don't need repairing or replacing. If you want to protect the entrance area and doorway further, you can have a metal door canopy installed. This will prevent the rain and other elements from damaging the area, and it can also help to keep the interior entrance cleaner by minimising the dirt and debris that blow in.

Have Your Boiler Serviced

A broken boiler can be particularly damaging for a business. Once the colder temperatures arrive, it will be under a significant amount of strain every day in order to keep the office building at a comfortable temperature for your employees. Therefore, it's beneficial to have the boiler checked in advance so that you can resolve any issues before they cause the entire system to fail. The Health and Safety Executive recommends that temperatures in working environments shouldn't go below 16 C. If you boiler were to break down, it could mean that your workers would have to go home, causing disruption to the business operations.

Protect Your Pipes

Frozen and burst pipes are another area that can be inconvenient for a business. It's best to have your pipes located in places that don't get too cold to ensure that they are properly protected from the winter weather. However, if this isn't possible, you should make sure that the pipes are adequately insulated to prevent them from freezing or cracking. Burst pipes will stop the supply of water to the office, which could mean you have to shut down the building until it can be resolved. Taking preventative measures will help your business to continue running throughout the winter.

It's always beneficial to take steps to protect your business and the working environment rather than leaving it till the last minute, when problems could be the cause of major disruption for your company.