How to Make the Most of a Sloping Garden

How to Make the Most of a Sloping Garden

When you're looking for properties to buy, you might be put off by those with a sloping garden, but there are plenty of ways you can make this space work with a bit of creative thinking.

Here we've put together some inspirational ideas that will enable you to make more out of your outside space and give you a unique garden that you want to spend time in.

Add in Layers

If you want to soften the steepness of your garden, then you can create the effect of layers by planting different types of greenery, which will take your eye away from the slopes. This will give you a winding path through the various plants and trees, and it makes for a more interesting feature than a straight incline.

Build a Terrace

Depending on the actual layout of your garden, it might be possible to build different terraced areas into the space that you can use for a variety of purposes. For instance, you could install a grand design balcony that looks down on to the garden or leads down to a decked dining area that makes the most of the peace and tranquillity at the edge of the garden. By adding in steps to access these areas, you will reduce the impact of the slope and give each of the areas its own distinctive appearance and purpose.

Use Retaining Walls

One of the problems with a sloping garden can be the issue of retaining soil and making the space as safe as possible. It can be helpful to build retaining walls with steps into the design that lead downwards, which will improve access, enhance the drainage features and prevent the need to walk down slippery grassed slopes. If you have an extremely steep garden, you might require the expertise of a structural engineer to ensure the walls are constructed properly and stair railings comply with the relevant safety regulations.

Open Up the Interior

If it's feasible to create a more open feeling at the back of the property which flows into the garden space, this will help to integrate the slope more into the design, rather than it feeling unmanageable. For instance, you could have French doors that open out on to a patio space which looks up the slope or have a grand design balcony that makes the most of the view across a garden that slopes steeply downwards.