How to Get the Best from Your Balcony Design

How to Get the Best from Your Balcony Design

Balconies are a great addition to properties, providing you with more outdoor space that you can turn into your own little oasis. The way in which your balcony is designed will play a big part in how functional it is, as well as making it more fun to use.

It's important when you're planning your balcony design that you consider how you'll use it and what time of the day you're most likely to be out there. This will allow you to create the ideal space for your needs, and here we've put together some top tips to help you get the best from your balcony.

Check the Structural Capacity

Before you start any planning, it's essential that you check on the structural loading capacity of the property with a professional. This could have a bearing on the type of materials you use for your balcony, as some buildings might not be able to take the weight of heavier materials, so you may have to choose lighter options.

Plan for All the Seasons

In order to get more out of your balcony you need to ensure that it is usable across all four seasons. You might not plan on getting out there much in the winter, but you still want it to look appealing when you're sitting inside.

When Will You Use the Balcony?

Have a think about the time of day you're most likely to use the space and what you'll be doing when you go out on to it, so you can ensure the design is based around your specific needs. For example, will you be enjoying your breakfast on the balcony or do you plan on doing more evening entertaining?

Make the Space Appear Bigger

Using a layering technique for your balcony design, with elements in the foreground, middle and background, will create the illusion of a deeper and more spacious area.

Have a Link to the Inside

You should plan the materials and textures you use for your balcony so that they link up with your interior space, rather than being seen as a disjointed decor that has simply been added on to the main property. If you only have a small balcony, this is even more crucial, as a free-flowing space will appear larger.

Remember Your Storage

When you're using your balcony, whether it's mainly for entertaining or relaxing, you're likely to need certain accessories such as cutlery, glasses and books, so it's helpful to plan some storage space within the design. For example, you might want somewhere to keep all your garden tools so that they're easy to access when you need them.

Speak to a Specialist

If you've never designed a balcony before, then it can appear to be a bit complex and confusing, but it doesn't have to be this way. Speak to a specialist company who can advise you on the best options available to you and help you plan your dream balcony that will enhance your property and add to the value.