How to Find the Perfect Balcony Furniture

How to Find the Perfect Balcony Furniture

Whatever the size of your iron balcony, how you furnish it can make all the difference. Even the most compact of spaces can be transformed if you choose the right items. However, by selecting the wrong sets, you could overpower your balcony and take up valuable space.

Do Your Research

There are a variety of products available that have been specifically designed for smaller spaces. The best place to start looking is online, as you can then browse through sites at your leisure and look at the measurements and dimensions in detail. There are specialist suppliers who have furniture with unique features that make them more suitable for smaller balconies.

Decide Exactly What You Need

You can waste valuable space if you buy furniture that you don't actually need. This will just end up taking up space but never actually being used. In order to combat this issue, you need to think about how you're going to use your iron balcony and then work around these requirements. For instance, if you're more likely to use the area for eating and entertaining, then you should look for a bistro set that folds away when you're not using it. Alternatively, for those who want the space for relaxing, you'd be better considering a more comfortable chair or lounger that folds away so it can be stored.

Use All of the Space

The space that you have within your balcony is not just confined to the floor area. You should look around the rest of the balcony to see where you could add in features without compromising on the space. If you want to include some lights, then you could look at fixing them to a wall, stringing them along the balcony railing or hanging from one side to another.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the biggest problems with smaller spaces can be finding areas to store items, such as cushions and seat covers, when you don't require them. They can end up being fitted into areas within the property, and then they're not readily available. Instead you could opt for a bench or table that also doubles up as a storage unit. This way, you won't be taking up any additional space, but you will have resolved your storage issue.

Be Bold

One of the benefits of having a smaller iron balcony is that you're not restricted with the colours you can use. It's easy to make a statement with a single piece of furniture in a bold colour. This can open up the space and make it feel bigger, without actually increasing the size.

Don't Forget the Weather

Unfortunately, the British weather can be fairly temperamental, even in the summer months. If you don't have a large amount of space inside or an outdoor storage space, such as a shed, then you need to think about the practicalities of the furniture you're choosing. Look for all-weather materials and durable products that can withstand the elements and won't rust or suffer from damp.